Take Your Business Global, Discover Opportunities

Most companies expanding internationally experience a 20% to 30% revenue growth in the first of the international expansion.

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Expand your business globally

Go Global and discover the true potential of your business.

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Boost your sales by more than 30%

International trade totaled more than10 trillion dollars last year.

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Welcome to Global Distribution Group!

International trade is a risky yet extremely rewarding business. When entering foreign markets there are no substitutes for LOCAL INTELLIGENCE,CONTACT NETWORKS and FIELD EXPERIENCE. Global Distribution Group helps organizations … throughout all steps of an international expansion

Featured Industries

  • Organic & Natural
    The global organic food and beverages market is ....
  • Pet Food
    The pet care industry is estimated to hit ~$100 billion ...
  • Dietary Supplements
    A fast growing market, expected to grow at more ...
  • WIne & Spirits
    U.S. wine exports, 90% from California, reached a ....
  • Beauty Care
    Rising consumer incomes and changing ...

Our Advantage:

  • When entering foreign markets the trial and error approach is risky and lenghty

    We will rapidly size the opportunity, select the right distribution channels, identify all the decision factors and help our clients introduce their products to the right buyers in a professional custom-made manner. Our existing relationships with buying teams from top distributors and retailers worldwide allow us to get you and your products in front of key decisions factors fast.

  • Market entry costs are a significant investment that can escalate quickly

    At any point during our collaboration the cost of working with us will be far below what you would pay by hiring your own International Sales Team. We have the knowledge and the team that will allow you to plan and execute the market entry with minimal cost and impact your existing operations.

  • Entering a foreign market is a complex process and maintaining control is difficult

    We will guide you through all the steps of the market entry from evaluating the market potential and connecting with customers to opening a branch. When working with us you can redirect resources to different markets, delay the expansion, withdraw from a particular market and do all these with minimum costs.


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