Opportunity Sizing

Market Size & Competitive Dynamics

Launching a product in a foreign market requires an understanding of your readiness to expand in that particular market and the associated opportunity. Our assessment will help you prioritize across various geographies and company initiatives. We evaluate the size of the market for each country targeted, identify key competitors and analyze their products. Included in our assessment is an evaluation of the channels available to distribute your products / services to potential consumer / customers.

Global Distribution Group understands the local market dynamics and has developed the output we provide will allow to you to quantify the size of prize, understand the associated risks and isolate the key challenges for the market analyzed. It will also allow you to select from your portfolio the products that can best address customer / consumer needs and maximize the opportunity to succeed.

  • Ease of doing business
    The ease of doing business with foreign companies varies by market and is driven by the regulatory environment and practices that affect how foreign companies can trade and invest across sectors, start businesses, convert and transfer currency and arbitrate commercial disputes.
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  • Trading across borders
    World Bank ranks countries based on the time and cost associated with importing and exporting a standardized cargo of sea transport. Four steps are evaluated: document preparation, customs clearance and inspections, inland transport and handling, and port and terminal handling.
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  • Exporting your products
    Ninety five percent of world’s consumers live outside the Unites States. Exporting your products has many benefits: grows bottom line, smoothens the business cycle, increases local production capacity usage, increases competitiveness in other markets.
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  • Stay Connected
    Economic trends are continuously changing in global markets and having access to good actionable information is a must when dealing with foreign partners. Staying connected to the latest economic developments helps organizations capture the right opportunities and avoid significant loses.

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  • Barriers to Entry

    Consumer protection is a top regulatory priority in all major International Markets. It prohibits unfair commercial practices and misleading advertising. Country specific regulations can further prescribe the characteristics that goods and services

  • International Readiness

    The knowledge you have about a market will directly influence your chance to succeed. Based on our experience and market data we will lay out the current landscape in the geography you are targeting for market entry.

  • Channel Definition & Customer Segmentation

    We will identify the potential channels that can be leveraged to distribute your products and understand the differences and requirements each channel has.