• Consumer Goods

    Global Distribution Group CPG division serves clients across all consumer goods industry segments, including food & beverage, beauty products, apparel, travel products, sporting goods, household and consumer durables.

    Changing consumer needs, competitive dynamics and market conditions, pose significant challenges to consumer companies entering new markets.

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  • Health Care

    Factors such as advances in patient care, changes in laws, regulations and digital records, continually shape the business environment.
    Medical markets differ significantly across the International landscape. Factors such as the economic climate, culture, language, and compliance with environmental issues can affect the way in which business in the healthcare industry is conducted in each country.

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  • Technology

    Disruptive technologies, shifting market dynamics, and fierce competitive pressure force companies to continuously adapt.

    Our experienced team of business consultants, sales & marketing and channel experts will help you find market opportunities, identify the route to market, and execute the first crucial steps of the market entry.

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Featured Industries

  • Top US Export Industries
    The top 10 US’s export industry ($2 trillion industry) include Consumer Goods – particularly Food (5% of US Exports), Medical Equipment (4% of US Exports) and Technology (12% of US Exports). These are the industries on which we focus our export management efforts and the domains where we chose to develop global distribution capabilities. We give clients access to well-established expertise and trade contacts, but clients retain considerable control over the exporting process and can realize some of the other benefits of exporting, such as learning more about foreign competitors, new technologies, and other market opportunities.

  • GDG Focus Industries

    We cover a wide range of segments in the consumer goods, healthcare, and technology industries. We have extensive knowledge in six Consumer Goods segments: Organic & Natural Products, Nutritional Supplements, Beauty Care, Pet Supplies, Wine & Spirits and Sports & Outdoor Equipment. Our Health Care division has an in depth understanding of the main factors that drive growth in the healthcare industry in each country we cover; the two focus sub-segments are Dietary Supplements and Medical Devices. For all segments we focus on, we normally select the markets to penetrate, choose the best channels of distribution for each market, and then leverage connections with overseas buyers in order to sell your product.