Our Services

  • Opportunity Sizing

    Determine the market potential

    Identify the best geographies for expansion as well as prospective customers. Define channel and portfolio structure.

    We will determine the geographies where you can sell your products effectively, as well as the best distribution channels within those geographies. From your current product portfolio, we will select the assortment that can ensure success in each market and recommend the pricing strategy for each distribution channel.

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  • Customer Acquisition & Sales Support

    Sell your products to overseas buyers

    Connect with buying organizations in top International Markets leveraging our existing relationships at top distributors and retailers.

    We will act a broker and work on commission only. We will sell your products to the new overseas prospects and customers as well as represent your interests when dealing with all factors involved in the selling process.

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  • Local Representation and Support

    Represent your interests in foreign markets

    Get immediate representation through a Representation Office and / or establish your Wholly Owned Subsidiary in any country we cover.

    We will set up and maintain branded representative offices for companies seeking an immediate and branded presence in new foreign markets. You can build your own overseas team without the hassle of dealing directly with the complexity of the new market.

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    Our existing relationships with buying teams from top distributors and retailers worldwide allow us to get our clients’ products in front of key decision makers very fast. We adjust our approach and timeline based
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    We work mostly on commission. At any point during our collaboration the cost of working with us will be far below what you would pay by hiring your own International Sales Team. We have the knowledge and
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    Organizations entering foreign markets can find it expensive, risky and time consuming. The ability to learn how different markets operate before setting up operations is essential for a successful market entry.
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  • Effectiveness
    Depending on the target market, it can take months or even several years, before an exporting company achieves a return on investment. Many exporting companies are unsuccessful in their efforts
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  • Global Reach
    We cover all major markets in Europe, South America and Asia & Pacific. We work with all major distribution channels from wholesalers and distributors to major retail chains and online stores in all the markets we cover. Our clients can choose the markets to expand into, the channels to target, and the pace of the international expansion.
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  • Identify the most effective global expansion strategy for your company

    Go to market that maximizes your product potential at minimum costs We will help you identify the geographies where you can maximize the market entry results. Once we identify the markets, we will help you select the channels to target and within those channels we will introduce you to the most effective partners. We understand […]

  • Connect with the right business Partners in each region

    Distributors and retailers that can build a significant business for your products When entering foreign markets, properly evaluating and selecting the new partners is vital to success. We focus on locating and identifying the right partners in each market we compete in, and we build enduring relationships with those partners based on mutual value add […]

  • Develop your business in foreign markets with minimum risk

    New business in international markets without added pressure on existing operations International expansion typically presents a high risk, due to the lack of knowledge about local laws and regulations, partner reliability and potential, consumer / customer understanding. We will help you mitigate those risks by leveraging our extensive knowledge of the local market laws and […]